Take Life Lightly

We feel guilty when eating chips because they’re full of bad calories, but the new Smith’s have been formulated with 75% less saturated fat, so…

This is what it takes to burn a Smith's Thinly Cut chip.

This campaign will show you just how little it takes to burn a Thinly Cut chip by applying a new conversion rate to your moves.

bag of chips.jpg


‘Heart’ a picture on Smith’s Instagram page and a chip will materialise, because the love burns it out.

Floor Media

Count every step you take down the subway stairs as one chip and you’ll realise you’ve burnt a whole bag when you reach the bottom!



On Google Chrome’s T-Rex game, for every obstacle you avoid, you’ll earn one chip. Once you collect enough of them, you’ll be able to redeem a bag.



This scoreboard keeps count of real-time chips burnt for every player at a tennis match. They’re scoring high…


‘Don’t sweat it off. Take life lightly.’


Olga Alonso (CW), Kang Soo Cho (AD)