MUM: (shouting out) Who's doing the dishes tonight?

DAUGHTER 1: (shouting back) I will, mom!

DAUGHTER 2: You did the dishes yesterday; I'll do them today.

DAUGHTER 1: Oh, I don't mind doing them again.

DAUGHTER 2: You always get away with doing the dishes.

DAUGHTER 1: Why is my happiness so inconvenient to you?

DAUGHTER 2: Unbelievable. Have you stopped to consider that maybe I deserve doing the dishes too?!

DAD: Girls, enough! (Pause) I'll do the dishes.

V.O.: Mrs. Meyer's Rosemary Dish Soap

'Makes cleaning too pleasant'


MAN: Hey love, how about you cook today and I do the dishes?

WOMAN: It’s okay, honey, I can do the dishes.

MAN: No… I said it first. I’ll do the dishes.

WOMAN: Stop being a child. I’m in charge of the dishes.

MAN: Why? I think I deserve doing the dishes too!

WOMAN: And I deserve someone who will always let me do the dishes!

MAN: Good luck finding someone like that.

WOMAN: (Pause) Fine, we’ll order take away.

MAN: Okay – but I’m doing the dishes.

V.O.: Mrs. Meyer's Honeysuckle Dish Soap

'Makes cleaning too pleasant'


HOUSEMATE 1: Dinner was delicious! I’ll do the dishes now.

HOUSEMATE 2: Don’t worry, man. You sit and relax.

HOUSEMATE 1: No way. You cook and I clean: that’s the deal.

HOUSEMATE 2: You can cook next Sunday. I’ll do the dishes.

HOUSEMATE 1: Please, I insist. I want to do the dishes.

HOUSEMATE 2: No. Go clean your own mess.

HOUSEMATE 1: What do you mean?

HOUSEMATE 2: I mean that I’m doing the dishes!

HOUSEMATE 1: If you do the dishes, I’m moving out.

HOUSEMATE 2: You leave me no choice.

V.O.: Mrs. Meyer's Peppermint Dish Soap

'Makes cleaning too pleasant'




Two guys, in business suits, bump into each other after grabbing their mid-morning take away coffee. They walk back to work together. GUY 1 pats his friend on the back, who remains absent minded.

GUY 1: What’s cooking up in the office today, man?

GUY 2: Well, you see, I’m having a bit of trouble writing a TVC for this accident insurance company. They have a great policy that covers 100% of base costs, no waiting lines for customer service and it only costs 9.99 Euros per month.

GUY 1: That’s pretty rad.

GUY 2: I betcha.

GUY 1: Well... You could just have two guys praising about it, like we are.

GUY 2: That’s been done before.

GUY 1: Okay, so... You could go for the shock effect (delivering): ‘The unexpected can hit you any moment.’ Two guys, such as you and I, chatting, crossing the road and then - (clapping his hands) “BAM!”

GUY 1 taps his forehead, knocking on wood. 

SFX: A car skids off. “BAM!” It hits both friends in the blink of an eye. Camera pans out as people run to their help.

V.O.: If you saw it coming,

(Suncorp Health Insurance)

‘Don’t touch wood’




A man struggles against a snowstorm to reach the top of a remote mountain. He discerns an abandoned temple across the fog and runs in for shelter. Inside, he finds nothing but stone, emptiness and a glimmering oil lamp.

He rubs the dust off it and a blue genie squeezes out.

GENIE: “Today is your luckiest of days. I will grant you three wishes. Think of it and it’ll be yours.”

MAN: “I want… (Sneezing) A-TISSUE!”

A Kleenex appears in the man’s hand.

MAN: “No, I want… (Sneezing, again) A-TISSUE!” 

A box of Kleenex materializes in front of him.

MAN: “No, I meant I want… (Sneezing, once more) A-TISSUE!” 

Boxes of Kleenex fill the temple.


V.O.: ‘There when you need it’



Grease pics.jpg


A look-alike remake of the final scene in ‘Grease’:

DOODY: I can’t believe it. Danny Zucco turned Jock?

DANNY: That’s right.

SONNY: What are you doing, deserting us?

DANNY: Oh, c’mon guys, you know you mean a lot to me. It’s just that Sandy does too and I... I’m going to do anything I can to get her, that’s all.








DANNY: Sandy!

(Prelude to ‘We Go Together’ soundtrack)





SANDY: Tell me about it, stuu- (d)

(The school’s security guard appears out of nowhere and grabs Sandy by the arm)

GUARD: This is a no smoking area, young lady! I’m walking you out. (As they leave, to the crowd) Show’s over everyone!

(Fin Electronic Cigarettes)

V.O.: ‘No interruptions’